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Osi Wald, Ricardo Werdesheim & Moran Somer 2017 (11 min)

A trippy animated journey through the hundreds of catalogues printed by the Israel Museum over the last 50 years.

The catalogues are an endless source of inspiration – Art of any type and time, Archeology, Brides from Afghanistan, scattered texts, butterflies, a cabbage, Bauhaus, cigarette ads, limbs, squares of color...

We scanned, cut, filed, tore and read. We found ourselves reorganizing the catalogues over and over, Recognizing connections and dismissing them. The more we broadened our research, the more the film became personal. At the end we realized the film no longer deals with the art we absorbed but with the way we look at it, the space between the artist and the observer, between the art pieces and the catalogues .

The piece was initiated as a site-specific projection for “Contact Point”2015, an all-night event that hosts artists in a range of media who engage with artworks throughout The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. A preliminary  version was screened that night on the main wall of the museum during a headset party.

Created by : Osi Wald, Ricardo Werdesheim & Moran Somer
Sound design: Ori Kadishay
Original music by Eyal Talmudi, Performed by Malox, from the Album "Gaza Trip"
Additional music: Ori Kadishay
Additional animation: Rodrigo Werdesheim

Produced with the support of Contact Point, The Israel Museum Jerusalem:
Production manager: Neta Cohen, Artistic Director: Renana Raz

Film Website
Full film is available to watch at The Israel Museum site

Film stills

Images from 'Contact Point' screening: Barak Aharon, Haim Yafim

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