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Zaz animation is a collaboration of israeli artists who specialize in stop motion animation, mixed-media and other animation techniques.

Each of our films looks and feels unique. They are entirely made by hand, frame by frame, and are costume-designed to the smallest detail in varied styles and materials.


We feel that in today's digitally flooded reality, stop motion animation stand out for its warm, human and tactile feel. The use of real materials and artisanal techniques allow compelling imagery, not neglecting the artist’s “fingerprints”.


Our studio provides services on all the production aspects of animation: project conceptualizing, script, storyboard, design, puppet and set manufacturing, animation, editing and post production.

We also develop television formats, from children’s series to adult content. 


The team met in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and work together since 2010.

Our resumes include commercial and independent stop motion productions in Israel and abroad, films that participated on dozens of festivals and won prizes internationally and developing the field of stop motion animation in Israel as lecturers in academic institutions.



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