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JOINTS  חוליות

Ricardo Werdesheim, Moran Somer & Osi Wald, 2017 (10 min)


A site specific animated film screened on the sand, on the border between the sea and the shore.
A chain of alternative evolutionary events lead to one imaginary moment on the beach. Questioning the relationship between man and object.

An arm, a fan, A leg a paddle, fin, flotation ring function as building blocks. Like an arbitrary match game the sea tests them, assembles and reassembles. searching for possibilities of existence and sending them off to the shore.

Life on shore is described as a Nature Documentary, sharing with the viewers stories of survival, courtship, mating, communication, birth and death. A glimpse underwater reveals a rich world that is yet to come. As sea’s hybridizations are getting more complexed, they seem to be evolving towards a man. Could he survive? Is he able to leave the shore? And what does he see in the objects scattered around him, now that their separation is definite.

The film came together as an animated research. Animated loops of body fragments and moving objects were combined into animated loops of fantastic creatures, edited into a film that functions itself as a loop, thus reflecting on our temporary existence

The viewers are invited to listen to the waves, wonder about the reasons and circumstances that brought us here, about the life forms that succeeded. and about those that didn't.

The film was created for Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art 2017  within the FEST’FACTORY Artists residency .

Created by: Ricardo Werdesheim, Moran Somer & Osi Wald
Sound design: Ori Kadishay

JOINTS screening at Bat Yam shore, Bat Yam International Feastival for Street Theatre and Art 2017
חוליות- הקרנה על החוף כחלק מפסטיבל בת ים לאמנות ולתאטרון רחוב 2017
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